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Data Analysis Services

Looking for Data Analysis Services? Expert lead statistical consulting for data sets of any size or complexity

It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the massive volume of data that is generated by organisations today. The difficulty faced by many enterprises is figuring out how to generate and interpret meaningful insights from the data that is available to them.

Why Data Data Intelligence

With a variety of applications, databases and NoSQL data stores, many enterprises find their data inconsistent and complex, leading to under-utilization, confusion, inaccuracy, distrust, and less informed decision making. Data presents big opportunities for all organisations, regardless of their size, footprint or markets served. Increased innovation, greater operational efficiency and better provision of customer care are just some of the outcomes that can be achieved by unlocking the potential of the numbers behind your data.

Data Value & Growth

Very high competence in all aspects of Big Data Management lies at the heart of what Data Trust Associates can offer your organisaiton. By digging into your data and extracting the most valuable insights from it, our team can help you to:

Maximise the growth potential of your organisation

Increase operational efficiencies

Reduce regulatory risk

Improve the quality of your stored data

Train or create your data management team

Who we work with

Data Trust Associates works across all industry sectors and markets which include:

Banking & Finance





Non Governmental Organisations


Ask an expert

Christoph Balduck

Head of Data Intelligence

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