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Data and Information Architecture

Looking for Data and Information Architecture? Turning complex flows of various data types into consumable assets.

Data and Information Architecture is identified by CXO’s as a top challenge in becoming data-driven. When you have to support and integrate various types, volumes, and velocities of data, it’s important to build a reliable and agile data architecture that’s able to cope with the high pace of technology changes.

Why Information and Data Architecture?

In order to use all your data effectively, a coherent data architecture – build upon business requirements – is required.  Too often, we see data architectures being build with a set of capabilities because “they can,” not because “they’re needed.”

As many companies recognise the potential of going digital, some tend to rush into certain technologies without creating a coherent and overall AS/IS and TO/BE architecture plan first.

Data Architecture is a core part of the execution of your data strategy but is also one of the most complex and fast-changing components of it.

At Data Trust Associates, our experts are translating business requirements into data architectures on a daily basis, collaborating with data engineers, business and data analysts, enterprise & solution architects, key users, and project managers.

Furthermore, they’re able to adapt data architectures to the business needs and changes and continuously evaluate the best solution, while keeping cost, vendor lock-in, cloud strategy, and reliability into account.

Data Modelling

Closely related to Data Architecture is Data Modelling.

While Data Architecture defines the blueprint for managing data assets, the Data Model is at the core of understanding the “business data needs” and translating them into “technology data requirements.”

As part of its Data Modelling services, Data Trust Associates works with clients to create end-to-end data models (Conceptual/Logical/Physical) based on best practices and industry standards. This helps convert data into a reliable and much more usable state which brings adaptability, predictability, and consistency to even the most varying data environments.

How can we help?

It’s crucial to understand the link between your business requirements and data architecture at all time.

Data Trust Associates brings clarity and guides you through this complex set of technologies using its proven approach and architecture models, enabling your company to maximise the value of all your data and allowing you to differentiate from the competition.

Eager to take a look at your future data architecture? Why not Contact us for a sparring session today?

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