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  • When data is processed carelessly, it turns into a risky asset

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The value layer between your databases and data use cases

Becoming a data-driven company is a journey that involves modernising your IT infrastructure and understanding your core data.

Luckily, that doesn’t mean you need to revamp your entire data and IT landscape before you can start generating value. There are smarter ways…


What is adata platform?

Let’s face it, applications and business processes come and go throughout the years. Data, however, remains a constant (and just increases in volume/value).

So why should you ‘reinvent’ your data when migrating out of legacy environments?


At DTA we believe in putting data at the core, and then building out systems from there: A smart Data Platform can decouple your data from your IT systems, while at the same time introducing a novel approach to managing and increasing the value of your data.

Making theparadigm shift

Moving from the old application-centric mindset to a data-centric mindset is achieved in three key steps.

Of course, that doesn’t mean you’ll revamp the whole infrastructure. Instead, you create value incrementally.

  • 1. Create the Strategy

    Develop the 360° Data Strategy to create value and get people excited. Communicate.

  • 2. Establish the platform

    Establish the data capabilities, architecture and organisation needed to succeed.

  • 3. Execute Use Cases

    Identify and execute the core use cases needed to get people on board and engaged. Iterate.


Why choose a
Data Platform

Done correctly, a Data Platform accelerates the time to value by at least 50% compared to the traditional way of managing your data initiatives.
In addition, it touches on and enhances many other elements of your Data Strategy: Protection, Governance and Literacy

More drivers to get started with a Data Platform are:


  • A more versatile application architecture that simplifies future innovation
  • Business is less dependent on IT to deploy use cases
  • Enhanced data governance and protection of data
  • Availability of easy-to-use data with clearly defined ownership

A recipe forsuccess

We believe to be uniquely suited to make your Data Platform migration a success

Some solid reasons to get on a call with us:
  • We have dozens of successful Data Transformation stories under our belt, including some big European firms
  • We focus on value with an emphasis on targeting so-called ‘low-hanging fruit’ for immediate benefits
  • We emphasize people above process and employ technology as a means to accelerate progress only
  • We link the tools and mindset needed to instate a Data Platform to your overall Data Strategy



Seamless integration with the organization

Vision driven but focus on delivering immediate value

Complete skillset with an emphasis on data

Experienced team with a transformation mindset


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