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  • A treasure map to uncovering maximal ROI on your data

  • Getting your data under control to create a lasting impact

  • The value layer between your data sources and data use cases

  • Enabling your workforce to solve business problems with data

  • When data is processed carelessly, it turns into a risky asset

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When data is processed carelessly, it turns into a risky asset

Personal Data is the new gold. It is valuable but turns into a risk when processed wrongly. All businesses have a moral and legal obligation to implement and maintain data protection best practices.

Our range of Data Protection services will have you sleeping like a baby.


covering all your needs

data protection advice

We guide your organisation in maximising data protection readiness and accountability towards the regulator, your clients, customers, and partners.

data protection impact assessments

Using our tried and tested DPIA approach, we perform your DPIAs in an efficient but thorough manner. This involves the involvement of eternal parties when required.

data protection SUPPORT

We provide certified and skilled DPOs with a mix of backgrounds and can support your organisation with part-time or full-time resources to cover all DPO support activities.

data protection audit

Our team of qualified Data Protection Auditors have defined a pragmatic Audit framework that has been tried and tested across multiple sectors within several different organisations.

Introducing smart compliance

Using legal engineering, technology and data management know-how, we have proven that the majority of data protection tasks can be automated.

Example’s include:

Pre-filling DPIA’s
Keeping your RoPa up-to-date
Handling DSR’s
Enforcing and executing retention policies

going about a dp audit

Doing a Data Protection audit shouldn’t be hard. In just six steps we get you a 360° view of your Data Protection vulnerabilities and strengths.

  • Plan

    Define scope and ambitions and include current risks.

  • Prepare

    Defining a schedule, identifying stakeholders and choosing the right tools.

  • Audit

    Execute and validate the audit (using discovery technology), close out open questions.

  • Report

    Generate the report and present it to team and board. Optional: mapping it to your maturity capability.

  • Delivery

    Roadmap projects, including total cost and value estimates.

  • Optional follow-up

    A choice between advisory services, training & workshops or project-specific consultancy.


A recipe for success

We believe to be uniquely suited to ensure you are insulated from risk associated with data

Some solid reasons to get on a call with us:
  • We have dozens of successful Data Transformation stories under our belt, including some big European firms
  • We focus on value with an emphasis on targeting so-called ‘low-hanging fruit’ for immediate benefits
  • Our DPO’s and auditors are both legally qualified as well as well-versed in Data Management and related data and privacy technologies, this help us to understand your challenges better and faster
  • We go well beyond the letter of the law to help you strengthen your competitive advantage in a crowded marketplace


making our partners happy

Seamless integration with the organization

Vision driven but focus on immediate value

Complete skillset with an emphasis on data

Experienced team with a transformation mindset

getting started is simple

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A short call to get a sense of your troubles, coupled with inspiring, expert advice on the best course of action. No time-waster, we promise.

Quick-Wins Workshop

For most of our clients, there are many challenges but limited resources. Aiming for both quick wins and long term success, we help you determine priorities in a one-day workshop.

5-day Mission Launch

In under a week, we get you a full assessment of the status quo and determine the most efficient way forward. No time to waste; let’s get started!

let's talkdata

Don’t worry. We won’t waste your time. Nor will we convince you to hand over the controls. After this short meeting, we promise you’ll feel inspired and motivated to take care of your Data (challenges).


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