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Data Protection Advisory

Looking for Data Protection Advisory? Strategic, Tactical, and Operational Advice. Building data privacy and protection into your organisation.

Personal Data is currency.

It is valuable but can become a risk when processed wrongly.

All responsible businesses have a moral and legal obligation to implement and maintain data protection best practices.

Data Trust Associates examines each client’s specific needs and legal obligation and then creates and implements a flexible roadmap towards data protection readiness, taking a risk-based, pragmatic approach.


Just one unfortunate incident and a business (reputation) can be ruined. Data Trust Associates knows it is not enough to meet the letter of the law when protecting business and consumer data. Customers and other data subjects must feel secure, knowing their data is in the hands of a responsible organisation.

An Integrated Approach to Data Protection

Data protection takes into account processes, the organisation, company culture & maturity, solutions, technology, and it’s digital challenges. Our experts support different companies & organisations to go beyond the regulatory needs and towards strengthening your competitive advantage in a crowded marketplace.

Why Choose Us?

We guide your organisation in maximising data protection readiness and accountability towards the regulator, your clients, customers, and partners. This entails several activities:

Define the Data Protection Strategy

Combine pure legal advice with technical advice in our implementation

Provide end-to-end GDPR readiness implementation

Data Protection Engineering (Data Protection by Design, Data Protection by Default)

Data Flow, Lineage and Business Process & Processing activity mapping

Data Protection framework setup & implementation

Data Protection and Data Protection technology & architecture advice

DPO coaching: data breach, incident preparation, testing & support. Services on DPIA, RPA, DSR, DPA's/Policies/Transfers

Technical Architecture Review (Data Protection by design and by default)

This technical review includes an assessment of one or more solutions or a general landscape review – taking all data privacy and data protection requirements into account.

Deliverable include a technical advisory report with AS IS, TO BE, SWOT, GAPS, and a list of activities to bridge these gaps. Contact Us.

Let's turn your Data Protection Challenges into Opportunities.

Applying Data Quality and Machine-learning basics to improve Customer
Experience and reduce Cost.

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