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Data Protection Audit

Looking for a Data Protection Audit? Are you compliant with GDPR?

Your organisation may have implemented a GDPR program that was fit for purpose in 2018.

However, can your organisation demonstrate continued data protection readiness today, and if so, how?

Audit Packages

Our team of qualified Data Protection Auditors have defined a pragmatic GDPR Audit framework which has been tried and tested across multiple sectors within several different international organisations.

We offer both a 360° audit package as well as specific audit packages which focus on Legal, Data protection by design & by default, Accountability, Data subject rights or GDPR verification audits.

A Verification audit looks under the hood of your organisation (or your processes), verifying that personal data is actually processed in the way described. More information can be found on our separate audit website:

How can this Data Protection Audit help your Organisation?

Our independent audit team assists organisations in demonstrating their GDPR readiness. A typical audit includes:

Delivering an objective audit by our certified Lead Auditors.

Identifying non-compliance and defining their risks.

Discussing potential options to overcome the non-compliance in an audit that you cannot advise on a way forward officially.

Verifying by means of automated personal data discovery to validate data processing activities, policy adherence, etc.

Providing insights into your GDPR readiness.

How we go about this audit?

From our experience in executing different audits, we have refined our framework and methodology. We cover each of the data protection areas and execute in an efficient and transparent manner.


  • Background and ambitions of this exercise
  • Current risks
  • Define Scope


  • Define audit schedule
  • Identify stakeholders
  • Desktop research
  • Decide on tool to use


  • Perform audit
  • Perform audit validation (optional using discovery technology)
  • Close out any open questions


  • Develop Report
  • Map to maturity capability (optional)
  • Present to Team and Board


  • Roadmap projects include individual cost estimates & total value estimates


  • Advisory
  • Training & Workshops
  • Specific consultancy

Expected Results

Our Team of Certified Lead GDPR Auditors will work closely with your stakeholders in a trusted and efficient manner.

The end result is an audit report that clearly outlines how GDPR-ready your organisation is.

The audit report is typically delivered within an 8 week timeframe.

What makes us different?

Our team of certified lead auditors are unique in a way that they are both legally qualified and have a technical background.

In addition to this, our team is also well-versed in Data Management, and it’s related technologies. This combination helps us understand your business faster and provides a more qualitative audit report. Data Trust Associates has implemented many Data Protection programs internationally. Contact Us.

Talk to our audit experts to determine the right audit for your organisation.

How we guided a public sector organisation take the right steps with their Data Management Approach?

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