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Data Quality

Are you looking for more Data Quality? Creating trust by making your data fit for purpose.

Even a great data management strategy cannot deliver effective results if the quality of the underlying data is sub-standard. Simply put, poor data quality delivers poor results.

Poor Quality Data

Non-reliable or poor quality data creates an inefficient environment where the organisation is prevented from realising the full value or commercial potential of its data assets. These inefficiencies lead to lower quality decision-making due to incomplete information being available to company managers, and trust is diminished across the organisation as well as to the outside world. Furthermore, poor data quality decreases operational efficiency by up to 60%, inhibits innovation, and demotivates your staff.

How can we help

Data Trust Associates helps your organisation with all aspects of data quality management. From data discovery and cleansing to organisation and business process changes, we ensure your business’s critical data remains accurate and available at all times. This approach creates benefits across all company domains, including cost reductions and time savings.

What we do

Our team of specialists will help your organisation significantly improve the quality of it’s valuable stored data by:

Defining your data quality ambition and jointly defining a plan to get there.

Defining and gradually implementing the data quality operating model, including roles and responsibilities.

Aligning and integrating your data quality and data governance programs.

Creating a set of data quality processes and embedding data quality in your existing business processes.

Embedding data quality in your data policies and standards.

Data quality profiling doesn’t only allow us to create insights into the quality of your data, but also your business processes & applications.

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How we guided a public sector organisation take the right steps with their Data Management Approach?

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