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DPO as a Service

Looking for DPO as a Service? Leverage our skilled Data Protection Officer resources to guide your organisation through the complexity of data protection.

Finding a skilled Data Protection Officer (DPO) that matches your organisation can be a real challenge in today’s labour market.

Larger enterprises hire a dedicated DPO to service their risk mitigation requirements. Yet many smaller organisations can be adequately serviced by a “DPO as a service” – benefitting from senior expertise without the need to hire a full-time FTE.

Our team of DPO’s has a mix of backgrounds and can support your organisation with both data protection readiness and advisory, upon incidents, investigations, and inquiries, as well as with in-depth technical or legal topics.

About DPO as a Service

Data Trust Associates can provide you with both a certified and experienced DPO, according to the needs of your organisation. The DPO will assist with all aspects of data privacy and protection and can execute the following tasks:

Offer data privacy and data protection expert advice (SPOC).

Monitor the organisation’s Data protection readiness with the GDPR and other data protection legislations.

Coordinates, selects, evaluates and/or provides training and awareness on data protection matters.

Helps define or change the data protection strategy, statements, policies, DPA's, transfer agreements, etc.

Assists with both the GDPR implementation and the day-to-day data protection tasks.

Monitors, evaluates, and steers the Data Privacy Impact Assessments (DPIA'S).

Serving as the contact point to data protection authorities for all data protection inquiries, including data breach notifications.

Aids or deals with data subject communications on data protection matters.

Executes and monitors internal and external data protection audits.

Does a continuous follow-up of all data protection risks and mitigates or escalates when needed.

Why not engage our experienced DPO team to assist with your compliance challenges today? Contact Us.

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