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Master Data Management

Looking for Master Data Management? Gain a 360° view of your entire data environment.

In this data-driven economy, many organisations are in search of the elusive “single customer view” or “360° view of the customer” where information can be combined from multiple source points and brought together to highly valuable, decision enabling insights.

Why Master Data Management

Master data management can help your organisation achieve substantial operational efficiency (between 20 and 60% in the affected business processes) and allow your management to make decisions based upon reliable data and insights.

Master data management can – when done well – accelerate your organisation to be data-driven. Furthermore, it will motivate your workforce to become excited about working with data as they will discover the benefits in their daily work as for the organisation.

Why Choose Us?

One of our focus areas at Data Trust Associates is to assist organisations with master data management, from start to business value.   

Working with organisations of all sizes, we differentiate in the following:

Defining both direct business goals as well as short-term gains/quick wins for MDM.

Understanding which key business data is to be mastered.

Focusing on reuse of existing technologies before buying into MDM solutions.

Reviewing, selecting, and implementing technologies to support MDM.

Addressing the Change management elements of People, Processes, and Policies.

Broad experience from a large number of MDM implementations.

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