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Master Data Management

Gain a 360° view of your entire data environment

In this data-driven economy, many organizations are in search of the elusive “single customer view” or “360° view of the customer” where information can be combined from multiple source points and brought together to highly valuable, decision enabling insights.

Why Master Data Management

Questions: What are the business values and drivers of implementing an MDM initiative?

Answer: Implementing a master view of data requires a clear data strategy and data management framework. Data Trust Associates can help you reach your business goals from an MDM initiative through defining an integrated architecture as well as the processes, people, skills, and policies needed for effective MDM implementation.

Why choose us?

Our core focus at Data Trust Associates is to assist organisations with their master data management challenges. Working with organisations of all sizes, our core activities involve:

Defining the Business goals for Master Data Management

Key business data which should be mastered

Developing the Big Data Architectural Blueprints involving the Data Strategy, Data Model and other elements

Review, select and implement Technologies to support MDM

Address the Change management elements of People, Processes and policies.

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Davy Michiels

Davy Michiels

Data Management Lead

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