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Our Story

As a group of seasoned data professionals, we started our journey in 2017. Recognising the future of data, we decided to use it as the core driver and build services and solutions around that. As GDPR was the hot topic then, we were one of the first companies to integrate data privacy and protection into our data management practices. We continue to expand our data-centric practice with other services, such as business consulting and digital innovation. With our HQ in Belgium, we now have a growing customer base in The Netherlands, Luxemburg, France, and Germany.

Our Roadmap

Founding of DTA

Company launched with HQ in Brussels, offering Data Protection and Data Intelligence services

Data Governance methodology

Deployed DTA Data Governance methodology incorporating GDPR.

Business Consulting

Extended service offering to incorporate Business Consulting services

Office in Antwerp

Opened up a second office in Antwerp.

Technology partnerships

Formed partnerships with leading data technology companies.

What Drives Us?

Our mission is to enable our customers to be data-driven.

Our unique proposition is to build trust and value using data with and for our customers. This journey starts by putting the customer and their data at the heart of what we do.

We achieve our goals by addressing the bigger picture of data and aligning with the corporate strategy to create value for your organisation. Once this picture is clear, challenges such as the use of data to gain insights, data protection, complex data architectures, deep dive data analysis, or intelligent automation become part of our portfolio of services.

How Do We Take Care Of This Planet?

Taking care of this Planet is everyone’s business.

We are inspired by many of the successful businesses who also integrated CSR into their culture and continue to be leaders in different ways. CSR is classically composed of three key components: People, Planet, and Profit. As a start-up, we are taking a pragmatic approach to these:

People are our most valued asset

We go the extra mile to ensure that we meet the needs of our people. And this often goes beyond work. However, we believe that personal development is even more important than business development. We also respect people’s privacy and try not to invade their private time.

Environmental-friendly transport

We try and minimise unnecessary use of essential resources and encourage environmental-friendly transport whenever possible.

Sharing profit with people we believe in

While profit is important, we like to optimise rather than maximise. As a cooperative company, we aim to work towards sharing profit with our people and non-profit organisations that we believe in.

Our Value Proposition

Our core focus is data and enabling our Customers to obtain value from being fully data driven. This involves different skills which has led to our key enablers:

Highly skilled senior professionals

A strong team of highly skilled senior professionals covering Business, Data Protection, Legal, and Data management capabilities.

Clear methodologies

Clear methodologies that take a 360° view of corporate, digital, as well as data objectives.

Use case driven approach

We take a Use Case driven approach to implement new data initiatives that are delivered in months and not years, providing both short-term and long-term value.

Leading technology companies

We work closely with many leading technology companies but remain independent. This allows us to provide neutral advice.

Focus on business value using data

Our approach is to maximise business value for our customers in everything we do, including regulatory projects.

Our core values

Business Value

We have a strong focus on providing value through quality services and perseverance.


We want the best from ourselves for our customers.


We go an extra mile to integrate with our customers and partners.


We always aim to build a long-term trust relationship with both our employees and clients.


We are independent when it comes to solutions, and will always select the right solution or service for our customers.


We look at the big picture and extend sustainability beyond our core work.

Management Team

John Walsh

Managing Director

Bert Quaegebeur

Managing partner

Christoph Balduck

Managing partner