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How to better prevent and manage a data breach

By: Christoph Balduck

August 26, 2019

A Portugese hospital recently got fined 400K Euro for allowing too many professionals access to medical files and for not having it’s medical records in order. While only having about 300 doctors – it had 900+ doctor profiles registered.

Aside from the lack of proper role based access – the lack of quality data was a fundamental problem. Unfortunately, the majority of companies and organisations around the world still face data quality problems – from multinationals to SME’s.

The case clearly shows that not having your personal data in order can lead to data breaches and fines.

However, for medium sized and large organisations with a high variety of applications, databases, integrations,… and data spread across “on prem.”, cloud and trapped within shadow IT, it’s extremely hard – perhaps impossible – to manually control, monitor and understand all personal data.Even for small organisations, it’s hard to maintain all personal data, understand it’s meaning in each context (department).

Reducing the risk of data breaches due to a lack of control over personal data can be achieved by – at minimum – applying a combination of data discovery, information- & data governance.

Data discovery is required to understand and continuously monitor all structured and unstructured personal data and it’s risks while information and data governance makes sure everyone in the organisation understands the meaning, use, risk and accountability of data and information.

This will not only reduce the risk of a data breach but will substantially increase your operational excellence and the quality of your data for (advanced) analytics

Data Trust Associates helps organisations reduce the risk for data breaches while applying data management in a practical manner. It’s one of the few companies that combines data protection expertise with data & information mgt. expertise saving cost & effort while providing more value to it’s clients.