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Data Governance

Looking for Data Governance? Creating the foundation of a data-driven organisation

When it comes to making your data work for you, it is no longer enough to just make it available. An effective Data Governance approach must put oversight and a collaborative mindset in place to simplify the process of making “truly data driven” a reality.

Why Data Governance?

More and more organisations are starting to discover the value of their data, but are – at the same time – confronted  with an ever increasing set of regulations.  

Data governance has been proven to be the one crucial data mgt. capability that prevents a lot of organisations from obtaining true business value from their (big) data while making sure they comply with the numerous regulations and compliance requirements.

Other drivers for data governance include innovation, differentiation from competitors, agility and speed of your business, time to market, customer centricity or regulatory/compliance requirements such as GDPR, CCPA, NIS, ISO27K, NIST and others.

Successful data governance

Whether you’re in a Data Governance transition from IT to business, you want to execute data governance use cases or you’re just getting started, we’ll help you every step of the way. 

By focusing on the people and change aspects we make sure your organisation turns data governance into a company-wide success.

This co-operative dimension to Data Governance covers activities such as:

Change and Transformation Management

Data Governance Awareness, Change mgt., Training and Coaching

Identifying the Core Digital and Data Challenges

Starter Packs to define data governance with your data team and roll it out into your organisation

Helping you define, setup & configure Data governance technologies.

Creating a Data Charter and Documentation Framework

Why choose us?

Our core focus at Data Trust Associates is to assist organisations with their data challenges. 

Data Governance is a key enabler in doing so, that’s why – at Data Trust associates – our service offering differentiates from others by:

Integrating data governance into your departments, projects and business processes from the start allows faster adoption and faster time to value

Aligning Data Governance with your digital, data & business strategy

Avoiding to tackle Data governance as an isolated activity. Each use case, glossary, workflow,... will help business users create value with data

Applying modern data governance, accelerating your implementation through technology

Combining data governance and data cataloging with information security

Learn how to setup Data Governance as a true business enabler. Contact us.

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