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Data Governance

Creating the foundation to be really data-driven

When it comes to making your data work for you, it is no longer enough to just make it available. An effective Data Governance approach must put oversight and a collaborative mindset in place to simplify the process of making “truly data driven” a reality.

Why Data Governance

With the growing realization to the enterprise of the value their data and the regulation around it, organisations across all industries and of all sizes realise the need to put an effective Data Governance organisation in place.

Driven by a combination of competition, regulatory compliance such as Data Protection (GDPR), ePrivacy Regulation, NIST standard, customer expectations and more, organisations are motivated to get their data under control in an optimal and organized manner.

What is Data Governance

As Data Governance is moving out of the IT Departments and into the Business as a whole, we help facilitate this transition by focusing on the people and change aspects which are required to make the initiative a success. This added co-operative dimension to Data Governance covers activities such as:

Change and Transformation Management

Data Governance, Training and Coaching

Data Charter and Documentation Framework

Starter Packs for Different ROI Accelerating Technologies

Why choose us?

Our core focus at Data Trust Associates is to assist organisations with their data challenges and Data Governance is at the core of our solution offerings. Working with organisations of all sizes, our core activities include:

Identifying the Core Digital and Data Challenges

Defining and aligning the Digital and Data Strategy with the Corporate Strategy

Aligning Data Governance with key business goals and drivers

Defining and implementing the Data Governance organisation

Performing Technology Assessments

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Magda Mirica

Magda Mirica

Data Governance Lead

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