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  • Getting your data under control to create a lasting impact

  • The value layer between your data sources and data use cases

  • Enabling your workforce to solve business problems with data

  • When data is processed carelessly, it turns into a risky asset

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data education

Enabling your workforce to solve business problems with data

Everyone gets it: Data is the future. But, in order to connect the dots and really benefit from data, you need a culture that supports and understands it.


Our range of Data Education elevates awareness and sets the foundations for a data-driven organisation.


covering all your needs

Data Awareness for C-LEVEL

Our executive workshops are tailored for board members, C-level and directors. These customized trainings aid the development and execution of transformational data strategies. We address industry-specific opportunities and challenges.

      • Becoming data-centric
      • How to monetise your data
      • Developing a data culture
      • Trends in automation, robotics, cognitive computing
      • New emerging technologies
      • Evolving regulations
      • Analytics

Duration: 1d / 2d

Data Awareness for Managers

Our Data Awareness workshops are catered towards middle management or anyone that interacts with the data strategy. This interactive workshop aims to help raise company-wide data awareness. It ensures that the data strategy is carried and supported at all levels.

  • Future-scaping for data
  • Delving into the Data Supply Chain
  • Data Literacy 360° training
  • ‘low-hanging fruit’ brainstorm

Duration: 2 x 0.5d

Data Expert Trainings

Our Data Expert trainings are geared towards your current or future Data experts. A data-centric organisation needs strong subject-matter experts that are well aligned and working towards a common goal. Our expert training helps close the gap between key data domains and instils several best practices for managing data.

  • Data Strategy – from challenge to insight
  • Data Architecture – understanding and improving the supply chain
  • Data Modelling – a common language for efficient communication
  • Business Intelligence & Reporting – a world in transition
  • Data Governance – your key data under control
  • Data Quality – garbage in, garbage out

Duration: 1d per module

Tailor-made trainings

Looking to train a specific group of people on a specific data challenge? We are often asked to analyse a specific data challenge
or provide customized training.

  • How to get ready for an MDM solution
  • Aligning different Data Teams on Data Architecture
  • Create company-wide success with a Data Platform
  • Getting you up and running with a new data technology
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Why Data Education

Data is everywhere, and the pressure is on to be data-driven. We are constantly reminded of the need to make decisions based on data rather than gut feel. We purchase the latest tools and may book small successes but continue to struggle to get everyone on board.

We believe more data literacy is essential to making any change initiative involving data a success. Especially for companies that are looking to evolve into data-driven ones, Data Education is paramount for future success.

Recipe for success

With our 7+ years in the game, believe to be uniquely suited to train and empower you and your workforce.


Some solid reasons to get on a call with us:
  • We have trained more than 2000 companies on all things data
  • Our trainers have combined expertise in data engineering, data architecture, and data protection
  • We customise our training to the maturity of each organisation and integrate specific examples for your company
  • We ensure creating greater awareness on monetising data sustainably and compliantly


making our partners happy

Seamless integration with the organization

Vision driven but focus on delivering immediate value

Complete skillset with an emphasis on data

Experienced team with a transformation mindset


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