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  • A catch-all for everything Data Governance, Strategy, Quality, MDM, Architecture and more.

  • All the support you need for compliance with the latest Data regulations (including GDPR).

  • Training on data for everyone from Data Stewards to the Business Department and Senior Management.

04. AI Governance
  • From understanding how AI fits into your existing landscape to using its power to
    get the mundane work done in a compliant manner.

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data education

Bringing everyone aboard for a shared data vision

Everyone gets it: Data is the future, and it’s here. But, to connect the dots and benefit from data, you need a culture that supports and understands it. Data Education and Data Literacy topics must be addressed to increase the overall understanding and use of data.

Our Data Education and Data Literacy services set the foundations for a data-enabled organisation.

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For our classroom trainings, we partner with the DP-Institute, Belgium’s first data training institute.

in-company data education

Data Education for C-LEVEL


Our C-level training is catered towards executive decision-makers who want to learn how to best support their teams.


  • Data challenges in your industry today
  • How leaders address today’s Data challenges
  • 6-step Framework for creating success with Data
  • The role of leadership in the successful Data Organisation
  • New trends in Data (e.g. Data Mesh)
  • The first 100 days of your Data Program
  • GDPR & compliance implications

Data Education for BUSINESS/MANAGERS


Our Business/Manager training is catered towards project teams spearheading your Data Program.


  • Common Data challenges in your business domain
  • Creating impossible success with the best Data use cases.
  • Understanding the Data Supply Chain to enable your business
  • Top Data skills you need to succeed
  • Seven principles for Data enablement
  • Optimising your existing Data technology stack to run better and longer
  • A Data Organisation that’s right for you
  • How to tell a convincing story with Data (Data Storytelling)
  • GDPR & compliance for managers

Expert training for DATA PROFESSIONALS


Our Data Expert training is geared towards your current or future data experts.


  • Understanding the Data Supply Chain
  • The right Target Operating Model
  • How to pick Data roles & set up a collaboration model
  • Demystifying Data Governance & Data Quality for you
  • Data use cases and other ways to create success
  • How to tell a convincing story with Data (Data Storytelling)

Tailor-Made training


Looking to train a specific group of people on a specific data challenge?


We are often asked to analyse a specific data challenge or provide customised Data Literacy or Data Education training. Anything on Data Management/Governance and Compliance is fair game.

classroom data education

Solving Business Problems with Data

This Data Education is made to bring your company aboard the data train. For everyone that wants to be involved. This interactive workshop aims to help raise company-wide data awareness & Data Literacy. It ensures that the Data Strategy is carried out and supported at all levels.


(Scheduled for Q3 2024)

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Data Governance Foundations

Our Data Governance training is catered towards project teams that will spearhead your Data Governance program. The goal? Getting everyone aligned on the need for and the benefits of Data Governance implementation. Reduce friction and increase understanding.


(Scheduled for Q3 2024)

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Data Education, Data Awareness and Data Literacy

Data Education, Data Awareness and Data Literacy are often used interchangeably:

Data Education, often called data awareness, is about getting your key data stakeholders on the same page about what data means for their organisation and how they manage their data as a valued asset today. On the other hand, Data Literacy is about reading, understanding, defining and discussing data insights practically based on your data today.

Recipe for success

With our 7+ years in the game, believe to be uniquely suited to train and empower you and your workforce.

Here are some solid reasons to get on a call with us:
  • We have trained more than 2000 people on all things data
  • Our trainers have combined hands-on experience in Data Management (or Data Governance)
  • We customise our training to the maturity of each organisation and integrate specific examples for your company
  • We ensure creating greater awareness of monetising data sustainably and with compliance in mind


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