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Data Education

Looking for Data Education? Data often has a better idea. By learning the basic skills to manage and use data, everyone wins.

How to keep up with all the latest changes in the world of data?

The increasing pace of changes in the world of data is a game-changer for how we work with data across the organisation.

Our range of data education training provides a systematic way of creating increased data knowledge, paving the way to a data-driven organisation.

Why Data Education

Data is everywhere, and the pressure is on to be data-driven. We are constantly reminded of the need to make decisions based on data rather than gut-feel. We purchase the latest tools and may book small successes but continue to struggle to get everyone on board.

Having helped many companies to become data-driven, we notice that one of the critical barriers was the lack of awareness of how data can be used and what the role of each person is to help data create more value for the organisation. That is why we created our Data Education services.

We look at the complete organisation and its aspirations to use data as a valued asset and then customise our existing education modules to the needs and roles of the organisation.

Why Choose Us

At Data Trust Associates, our focus is on data and preparing your organisation to be data-driven. We differ from other data companies in that:

We successfully implement data transformation programs with the largest companies in Europe

We have the combined expertise of data engineering, data architecture, and data protection

We have developed our own methodologies based upon over 13 years of experience

We've provided data training to different companies for over 7 years

We customise our training to the current maturity of each organisation and integrate specific examples for your company

We ensure to create awareness of how data can be used in a sustainable and compliant manner to create value

Data Education Training Programs

Data Awareness for Executives (2 hours)

Data Awareness for Middle Management (4 hours)

Data Awareness & Experience (Understanding and working with Data & Advanced Analytics) (2 days)

Becoming an effective Data Community Manager (2 days)

How to implement a Data Transformation Program? (2 days)

Data Governance & Stewardship - What is it? and How to engage? (2 days)

Data Protection (we provide various courses, facilitated through some of our partners)

Discover how our Data Education program can further enable your organisation. Contact Us.

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