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  • A catch-all for everything Data Governance, Strategy, Quality, MDM, Architecture and more.

  • All the support you need for compliance with the latest Data regulations (including GDPR).

  • Training on data for everyone from Data Stewards to the Business Department and Senior Management.

04. AI Governance
  • From understanding how AI fits into your existing landscape to using its power to
    get the mundane work done in a compliant manner.

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data Compliance

Protecting your stakeholders’ privacy while minimising regulatory risk

Data Compliance is more important (and complex) than ever. New regulations are popping up everywhere, from GDPR to the new Data Governance Act, the Data Act and even the AI Act. To protect your stakeholder’s privacy and to reduce company risk, you need a partner that understands the impact of these new legal frameworks on your business.

Our range of Data Compliance services will have you sleeping like a baby.


coveringall your needs

data protection as-a-service

You focus on your business; we take care of your GDPR-related tasks. Our DP(O)aaS approach drastically reduces your GDPR-related risks at a flat fee.

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data protection impact assessments

Using our tried and tested DPIA approach, we perform your DPIAs efficiently but thoroughly. We can assist your organisation in prior consultation and negotiation with the relevant data protection authorities.

data protection assessment

Our assessments give you a holistic picture of where you stand with compliance with GDPR, the Data act and more. Customised to your needs, we deliver a thorough report with a proposed improvements roadmap.

data protection audit

Our compliance team has defined a pragmatic audit framework that has been tried and tested across multiple sectors within several organisations. The end result is a concrete snapshot of how well you are doing with regard to GDPR norms.

Introducing smart compliance

Using legal engineering, technology and data management know-how, we have proven that the majority of data protection tasks can be automated.

Example’s include:

Pre-filling DPIA’s
Keeping your RoPa up-to-date
Handling DSR’s
Enforcing and executing retention policies

going abouta dp audit

Doing a Data Protection audit shouldn’t be hard. In just six steps we get you a 360° view of your Data Protection vulnerabilities and strengths.

  • Plan

    Define scope and ambitions and include current risks.

  • Prepare

    Defining a schedule, identifying stakeholders and choosing the right tools.

  • Audit

    Execute and validate the audit (using discovery technology), close out open questions.

  • Report

    Generate the report and present it to team and board. Optional: mapping it to your maturity capability.

  • Delivery

    Roadmap projects, including total cost and value estimates.

  • Optional follow-up

    A choice between advisory services, training & workshops or project-specific consultancy.


A recipefor success

We believe to be uniquely suited to ensure you are insulated from risk associated with data

Some solid reasons to get on a call with us:
  • We have dozens of successful Data Transformation stories under our belt, including some big European firms
  • We focus on value with an emphasis on targeting so-called ‘low-hanging fruit’ for immediate benefits
  • Our DPOs and auditors are both legally qualified as well as well-versed in Data Management and related data and privacy technologies; this help us to understand your challenges better and faster
  • We go well beyond the letter of the law to help you strengthen your competitive advantage in a crowded marketplace



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