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  • A catch-all for everything Data Governance, Strategy, Quality, MDM, Architecture and more.

  • All the support you need for compliance with the latest Data regulations (including GDPR).

  • Training on data for everyone from Data Stewards to the Business Department and Senior Management.

04. AI Governance
  • From understanding how AI fits into your existing landscape to using its power to
    get the mundane work done in a compliant manner.

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Data ProtectionService

Take care of GDPR and other regulatory risks for a fixed fee

All European companies processing personal data should be able to show they conform with GDPR. Non-compliance often leads to fines, but the biggest risk is your reputation toward customers and partners. 


  • Looking for a DPO for advice or assistance?
  • Need help filling in that Register?
  • Trying to find templates for filling DPIA’s?
  • Searching for expert advice on your data risks as an SME?

Our team of Data and EU law specialists helps you to manage your GDPR and other regulatory risks. 

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Why Data Protection as a Service?

Since you’re here, let’s assume that dealing with ‘compliance’ and ‘GDPR’ are not your favourite business activities. You probably just want to focus on serving your customers the best you can, right?


However, the processing of personal data has the following implications:


  • You need to get on top of GDPR & other regulations
    …as local and European authorities update their recommendations frequently
  • Many businesses are required to appoint a DPO or a privacy professional
    …as an expert and point of contact both for internal and external purposes
  • You need the right Legal and Data skillset
    …because data compliance is one thing, but protecting your data is paramount too


We offer Data Protection advice and solutions to most challenges in the world of privacy or compliance. Our experts can give you a complete overview of all Belgian and European legislation, translated into implications for your business.

Discover our service tiers below.

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Packages for every organisation

Options can be customised to your needs

  • Starter Tier

    • Certified & dedicated DPO
    • Collaboration & ticketing system
    • Follow-up call (Monthly)
    • GDPR Compliance Audit (Yearly)
  • Standard Tier

    • All the ‘Starter’ perks
    • 1 hour of expert advice on DP matters (Monthly)
    • Up to 4 hours of support on urgent DP matters (Monthly)
    • Data Breach protocol test (Yearly)
  • Premium Tier

    • All the ‘Standard’ perks
    • 24/7 support on urgent DP matters
    • 8h of remote advice on DP matters (Monthly)
    • 4h of on-site advice on DP matters (Monthly)
    • Access to our knowledge centre

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you offer 'guaranteed' compliance to GDPR and other regulations?

    As of our Starter tier, you have the means to fulfil all your GDPR requirements, with as a first important step to get the basics in order such as your register and policies. The Standard and Premium tiers take it a few steps further and incrementally minimise your Data Protection risks.

  • What happens if I don't comply to GDPR?

    Data Protection Authorities have been increasingly active the past few months with routine check-ups at both SMEs and larger companies, often leading to sanctions, fines or other penalties. As of February 2022, more than 1000 cases have been concluded, leading to over €216m in fines.

    Of course, your partners and customers may also demand proof that you’re treating their data according to GDPR standards. The reputational risk arguably gives an even stronger impetus to action.

  • Why is dealing with GDPR so hard for so many organisations?

    The obligations determined by GDPR are clear enough, the trouble lies in the fact that you’re supposed to hit a moving target: apart from GDPR, there is new legislation, advice and case law from authorities providing new insights into GDPR on a weekly basis. Data Trust Associates offers several packages to ensure your company stays up-to-date.

  • Can I hire an external DPO?

    The GDPR regulation allows DPOs to be both employees or external service providers as long as the GDPR expertise is guaranteed. An external DPO has the benefits of being independent to the organisation.

  • Do I need a DPO if I only provide services to other organisations?

    Providing services to other organisations and processing their Personal Data, makes you a Data Processor with its own obligations from a GDPR point of view. In a number of cases, the assignment of a DPO is unavoidable.

  • Why can I not take the DPO role, next to my other functions?

    In order to be able to take up the role of DPO, you need to be able to demonstrate competence and avoid any position that creates a situation of Conflict of Interest: e.g. as decision maker within the organisation, you are in a conflict with the advisory & controlling role of a DPO.


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