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  • A catch-all for everything Data Governance, Strategy, Quality, MDM, Architecture and more.

  • All the support you need for compliance with the latest Data regulations (including GDPR).

  • Training on data for everyone from Data Stewards to the Business Department and Senior Management.

04. AI Governance
  • From understanding how AI fits into your existing landscape to using its power to
    get the mundane work done in a compliant manner.

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AI GovernanceServices

Integrating your AI initiatives with existing Governance and Compliance activities.

AI has created such a buzz and excitement across all industries in such a short space of time. And with good reason. Many companies have created their AI Competence team to explore use cases to create more value. Of course there is no AI without data and there is no safe or efficient AI without well governed data.

Similar to the GDPR initiative, we see the EU AI Act (and others) as yet another catalyst to harmonise and streamline the management of your data to extract more value from your data in both a compliant and risk averse manner.

Our targeted AI & Governance services help integrate your ongoing AI, compliance and governance initiatives in an efficient manner.


AI and GovernanceServices

Discovery Session

It’s complex to understand the implications of the new EU AI Act for you company. Who is impacted, how to avoid a compliance-only implementation without value creation and how does it impact other data projects, what are the new data management and compliance risks. This will address both data managers topics (governance , right data, model drift, maintenance of the model) and compliance topics (not just GDPR but AI Act, FRIA’s and more)

This 2-hour session addresses these and other topics for you key stakeholders.

Getting Started

Knowing what you can build or buy is so important. AI-enabled systems could impact your company in different ways. This Assessment uses a proven framework to assess your organisation in terms of current and future use cases and related risks leading to immediate value in a future-compliant manner.

Customised to your needs, we deliver a AI Governance Roadmap which is aligned to your business objectives and ongoing initiatives.

AI Support Services

Most likely, your organisation has parts of the puzzle in place such as risk assessments, vendor due diligence and audits. However, with the introduction of the EU AI Act, other parts of the puzzle need to be added and updated. This service aims at reviewing your current framework and updating them with AI Act components. This includes items as Risk, FRIA assessments, Methodology & Templates, AI Governance and Architecture and getting your AI model set up correctly in a compliant manner.

Trainings are given to the key stakeholders also.

AI Governance Solutions

Our flagship AI solution which aims to do the heavy lifting for data stewards in your organisation. Harvesting the metadata from your data catalog and other sources, SmartAssist can automate the work of business glossaries, data lineage and make your core data easy to find.

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  • We are a leader in the Data Management and Compliance space in the Benelux region. It’s our bread and butter.
  • We go well beyond the letter of the law to help you strengthen your competitive advantage.
  • We understand and use data-related technologies and AI to optimise our work



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