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Case Study

Certia: Data Protection Services & GDPR Implementation Assistance


‘We chose DTA as a partner because of their ability to understand both our GDPR obligations and our technical needs. They helped us in a practical manner that fit our organization’s needs.’ – Victor C. / CEO of Certia

A non-profit cost-sharing entity

Certia vzw is a cost-sharing association of various child benefit funds, including Parentia, Infino and Kidslife. Under the brand Certia, they pool resources to develop a comprehensive IT package, distributing the cost to each of the members according to usage and size.

All-round assistance with GDPR-related matters

If you are a European entity that processes any amount of personal data you need to ensure compliance with GDPR. This isn’t a one-time job either. Apart from the GDPR, there is new legislation, advice and case law from authorities on a weekly basis. Non-compliance often means hefty fines and sanctions and the road towards (maintaining) compliance is often a bumpy one.

As a small, niche operator that processes a lot of personal data, Certia was looking for a long-term partner to assess GDPR requirements, implement the necessary procedures and help with maintaining a state of compliance.


Data Trust Associates determined the needs of Certia, proposed an implementation plan and swiftly executed this plan.

We offer continued support in their day-to-day GDPR requirements (legal, operational and technical). In addition, we regularly update Certia on relevant cases and advice from authorities. Once a year, we assess GDPR readiness using specific audits.


Certia achieved not only implementation of its GDPR requirements but also ensured employees know how to interpret GDPR.

Today, the entire organization knows how to apply GDPR methodologies, procedures, processes and criteria (e.g. data protection by design & by default) in their day-to-day work.

Current Team

Carlo Van Stichel – Data Compliance Manager

With over 30 years in the area of data in a variety of industries and organisations, Carlo can help your company to ensure (continued) compliance with European Data Protection regulation. As a Data Privacy expert and certified DPO, Carlo is ready to assist you with any Data Privacy challenge