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  • A catch-all for everything Data Governance, Strategy, Quality, MDM, Architecture and more.

  • All the support you need for compliance with the latest Data regulations (including GDPR).

  • Training on data for everyone from Data Stewards to the Business Department and Senior Management.

04. AI Governance
  • From understanding how AI fits into your existing landscape to using its power to
    get the mundane work done in a compliant manner.

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The Precisely Partnerin the BENELUX

We are the no. 1 Precisely partner in Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxemburg.

With Precisely, everyone has the means to launch a Data Governance initiative and start extracting value from their data. There’s a reason why Precisely is rapidly taking over the data at leading European companies. We believe it to be the most cost-effective and efficient tool to make your data future-proof.


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Why work with animplementation partner?

The truth is that it takes some experience to avoid the common pitfalls when implementing Data Governance. On top of that, your company’s data is far too important to experiment on in this day and age.

You wouldn’t hire someone fresh out of college to handle your company’s finances either, would you?

Partnering up with a specialized Data company with skin in the game won’t only save you a lot of money, it can mean the difference between success and failure.

We have done successful Precisely implementations in the following sectors:



Our expertise with Precisely software covers the following:




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