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04. AI Governance
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Data Centricity

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With Data Centricity, the holy grail of Data Management, organisations put data at the centre and then build applications around stable data models. Working towards Data Centricity should be done in a ‘think big’ (Enterprise-level) and ‘start small’ (Domain-level) approach. That means aiming to create ROI and management buy-in from day one. Giants such as Netflix, Google, Facebook, Amazon and Microsoft are already putting data on centre stage, leading to a massive change in how people think, live and work by using insights from data to provide new services and content.

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Benefits of moving to Data Centricity

Data centricity means data is the core operating asset that simplifies your application logic and enables you to meet your business objectives. The data has been structured, integrated, and accessible in real-time, on a global scale, using the right tools and technologies. As a result, companies realise many benefits, including:

  • Improved operational efficiency: Data centricity can help businesses optimise existing operations by automating manual tasks and enabling better decision-making.
  • Simplified architectures
  • Increased data-driven decision-making: With data centrally managed and integrated, businesses can access their data sources in real time and use this information to make more informed decisions.
  • Stronger customer relationships: Data centricity enables businesses to drive better customer experiences by using data to help them better understand customer needs and optimise their offerings based on customer insights.
  • New revenue opportunities: Data centricity can help businesses uncover new revenue streams or increase existing revenues by leveraging customer data or combining data from multiple sources.

Leap forward with the right partner

Are you looking to take the next leap in your Data story? Or do you need a partner that can assist you with (a piece of) the end-to-end program? We offer a range of Data Centricity oriented services to help you create a quick ROI on your Data investments from day one. All DTA professionals get a 360° view of the world of Data. Our tagline is ‘Making data work for you in a compliant manner‘. We’ll help you set up the foundations to reduce regulatory risk, increase the business value of your data and ensure the entire organisation is on the same line.

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Getting your data under control to create a lasting impact. To set yourself up for long term success, you need future-proof rules that define who can take what action, upon what data, in what situations.

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When data is treated carelessly, it turns into a risky asset. We help you create and implement a flexible roadmap towards Data Compliance readiness, taking a risk-based, pragmatic approach.

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Getting everyone aboard for a shared data vision. To connect the dots and truly benefit from data you need a culture that supports and understands it. Time to increase the Data Literacy of your workforce.

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