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Data Governance

Data Governance Framework

Let’s discuss data governance and its implementation; Data governance refers to the overall management of the understanding, availability, usability, integrity and security of data across the organisation.

Data governance is not just a ‘compliance or control thing’. It’s a best practice that enables organisations to increase efficiency while improving the quality of their decision-making.




A data governance implementation will help you answer the following questions:

  • Where is my data coming from?
  • Which teams own which data?
  • Who is responsible for the quality of my data?“

Getting started with Data Governance is essentially about learning how to manage data as an asset that drives value for your organisation.

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What are Data Governance drivers?

Data Governance drivers are usually industry- and company-specific. Generally speaking, you or your Data Governance partner will start by looking for a specific data use case that motivates the Data Governance implementation. The following Data Governance drivers are generally applicable across industries:

  •  Create more business value from your data. Structuring your data so it’s easier to find, use and understand makes for the efficient roll-out of new applications and eventual data products.
  • Help you comply with (Data) regulations. The policies and procedures established during a Data Governance implementation will help you avoid fines and penalties.
  • Enables better decision-making by creating a solid layer of trusted data within your organisation. Data-driven decisions are more effective than non-data-driven ones.

Data Governance Change Management

Data Governance change management is an often overlooked yet crucial component of successful Data Governance programs. In our experience, people are usually the most significant drivers or blockers of any sizeable organisational change.

Data Governance is usually a long-running program (not a project) involving many departments and teams. As such, you’ll see how proper Data Governance change management is the common denominator for all successful implementations.

The perfect Data Governance partner for your company

Are you looking for advisory services in the form of Data Governance consultancy? Perhaps you’re looking at getting started with Data Governance and need assistance defining data use cases or a corporate Data Strategy (Data Management Strategy).

Do you need a data regulation partner that can help with end-to-end Data Governance implementation? We offer a range of Data Governance consultancy services to help you create an ROI on your Data investments from day one.

All DTA professionals get a 360° view of the world of Data. Our tagline is ‘Making data work for you in a compliant manner‘. We’ll help you set up the foundations to reduce regulatory risk, increase the business value of your data and ensure the entire organisation is on the same line. Our other Data Governance services include the following:

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Getting your data under control to create a lasting impact. To set yourself up for long term success, you need future-proof rules that define who can take what action, upon what data, in what situations.

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When data is treated carelessly, it turns into a risky asset. We help you create and implement a flexible roadmap towards Data Compliance readiness, taking a risk-based, pragmatic approach.

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Getting everyone aboard for a shared data vision. To connect the dots and truly benefit from data you need a culture that supports and understands it. Time to increase the Data Literacy of your workforce.

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