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Data Protection Institute and Data Trust Associates partner to accelerate Data Awareness in Belgium

By: DTA Management

February 16th, 2022
DPI DTA partnership

Data Trust Associates, one of Belgium’s fastest-growing Data Services companies, and Data Protection Institute, Belgium’s market leader for Data Protection Education, are partnering to expand and enhance their Data Education offerings.

For over 4 years now, DTA has been working with DPI to offer trainings and workshops on Data Protection.   As the world of Data Protection and Data Management are becoming increasingly intertwined, the market signals a need for more holistic Data Awareness services. Both companies are growing to meet the market demands and have a strong passion for education, the logical next step is a proper partnership. 

With this partnership, DTA extends the DPI offering with new trainings on several focal areas within Data Management. Examples include ‘Getting Started with Data Governance’, ‘Solving Business Problems with your Data’, among others.  

The strong name and network of DPI will help DTA to offer their Data Management services to companies eager to derive more value from their data. 

About Data Protection Institute 

Data Protection Institute was founded as a reaction to the first draft of Europe’s GDPR text and its mentioning of a new profile: the Data Protection Officer. Ever since, they have set themselves firmly as the go-to place for companies to train their Data Protection Officers. As of today, they have handed out over 2000 certifications to DPO’s. 

Official website: https://www.dp-institute.eu/nl/ 


About Data Trust Associates 

Data Trust Associates was founded five years ago when the founders noticed a change of paradigm in the interplay between Data Governance and Data Protection. Since DTA’s inception, data has only grown in importance and as such their offering has expanded towards all-things-data including Data Quality, MDM, Data Platforms and of course Data education. As of today, they serve in a vast range of industries for over 20 large clients each year. 

Official website: https://datatrustassociates.com/