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Case Study

Digital Transformation Assessment helps streamline the Acquisition Process leading to 14% growth.

14% Increase in Acquisition Rate after 3 months
20% Reduction in Manual Administration
10% Improvement in Data Quality

Similar to many of our assignments, the problem was apparent, but the underlying cause was not. The Customer found it highly challenging to obtain and retain new customers for various digital products. Although the issue was clear and the solution to it was expressed, it was not always understood by everyone involved. So, what do you do? Execute based on an unclear mission or try and get a better version of the truth and by doing so, create more value for the Customer.

The Challenge

The customer, in this case, is a well-known global brand that operates independently within each country. Data Trust Associates’ approach to such challenges is to provide quick insights during the first few days and show that the nature of the problem will not be solved by purchasing new/more prospect lists or buying the latest predictive analytics tools to solve a problem.

Our Approach

We were fortunate enough to work with senior management and convince them rather quickly that:

  • the core issues would need to be identified and agreed upon by the Board of Management
  • that a plan is required to implement the quick-wins and build a coalition of the willing (John Kotter)
  • and that the ownership of processes and data would be needed

With this understanding in place, we embarked in a short 360° Digital Transformation assessment to pinpoint the real causes and get to know the capabilities of the organisation and its readiness for Change.

What Changed in the Company?

The conclusion of this assessment and assignment after just 4 months led to:

  • A common understanding within the whole organisation of the problem relating to acquiring and retaining new Customers
  • A pragmatic solution to the problem using the available resources
  • A roadmap to address the As-Is and the To-Be situation highlighting the quick-wins
  • Identification of the key Value Streams and related processes
  • Identification of a Data Governance operating model to support the company in becoming a data-driven company
  • Implementation of Quick-Wins to improve the Customer Acquisition rates
The Result

While many of the outlined steps are not rocket science, courage is necessary to push the change in a convincing and humanly manner. Luckily, we did persevere as those changes met all expectations, and now the customer is working on implementing the next steps.