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Picking a Collibra Alternative

You might already have a Collibra Data Governance solution, or perhaps you are wondering how other tools match up with Collibra in this fast-changing area of data management?


As certified Collibra partners, we can testify to the efficacy of a solution such as Collibra. Being one of the pioneers in supporting companies to understand and manage data, they continue to be a leader. Of course, changing technology stacks, regulatory requirements and different priorities might warrant the search for a Collibra alternative.


Why do you need a Collibra Alternative?

With over 50 quality data governance solutions on the market today, it’s getting harder to make a correct choice. As Data Management experts, we are sometimes asked to investigate a Collibra alternative.

Rather than rushing straight to the list of alternatives, our first instinct is to determine why? And, more often than not, the problem is not the tool. In our experience, we usually identify the following reasons for deciding to look for a Collibra alternative:

  • Cost of implementation
  • Negative ROI
  • Missing Business engagement
  • Lacking the know-how
  • Changing requirements

If you also identify with these items, it might be worth re-evaluating your overall approach and expectations for a Data Governance program. This will clarify the real reason for failure while setting more accurate expectations for a revived approach.


What’s hot today?

For those choosing a Data Governance tool for the first time, or those who have already made up their mind to discover some Collibra alternatives: We strongly suggest defining your key requirements first.



The 2023 Data Governance Tool Report evaluates and rates solutions according to several different scoring criteria, including:


  • Vendor Data Management vision
  • Partner network within your location
  • References & ROI case studies
  • Revenue over the last 3 years
  • Roadmap
  • Deployment approach
  • Licence model
  • Usability – Ease of use by non-IT and Data people
  • Integration with Data Quality
  • Discovery & Data lineage
  • Collaboration


While many more criteria exist and vendors are actively updating their offerings each quarter, it is a challenge to keep up …


Looking to go deeper into one of the above criteria?

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The Best Data Governance tool

We began the study to respond to a growing question from customers and prospects: ‘What is the best Collibra alternative?‘ Since each vendor has its own product vision and focuses on specific things, there is no simple answer.

Want to get a full overview of our functional and non-functional Data Catalog vendor ranking?


Which Collibra alternative is right for you?

The Data Catalog tool that is right for you depends on your business’s characteristics as much as it does on the tool itself.

Getting on a call with one of our experts can help you find the answer you’re looking for. We can provide you with objective advice from our partnerships with all of the vendors mentioned (including Collibra), which you can then use as input for future research and decisions.

Our people are well-versed in Data ComplianceData Management and Data Education. The DTA tagline is ‘Making data work for you in a compliant manner’. We’ll help you set up the foundations to reduce regulatory risk, increase the business value of your data and ensure the entire organisation is on the same page.


Besides assistance with Data Catalogs, we can also help you with the following:

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Are you ready to start working with us on a metadata strategy or implementing one or more of its components? Our team of metadata strategy experts can help you set up a roadmap, work on the foundations or even guide you through the whole process. Besides Metadata Strategy services, we can also help with:

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Getting your data under control to create a lasting impact. To set yourself up for long term success, you need future-proof rules that define who can take what action, upon what data, in what situations.

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When data is treated carelessly, it turns into a risky asset. We help you create and implement a flexible roadmap towards Data Compliance readiness, taking a risk-based, pragmatic approach.

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Getting everyone aboard for a shared data vision. To connect the dots and truly benefit from data you need a culture that supports and understands it. Time to increase the Data Literacy of your workforce.

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