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Data Protection Service

Data Protection as a service

Data protection and compliance laws are designed to protect individuals and organisations from the unauthorised use and disclosure of data. The most notable one is the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). All businesses that collect personal data and wish to do business in the EU must comply with Data Protection laws.

Our Data Protection service covers all your GDPR-related needs; from the day-to-day assistance of your DPO, to help with filling in the register and advice on how to fill out that DPIA.

Looking for a Data Protection Audit? Our six-step DP audit methodology gives you a 360° overview of your company’s situation and risks.

As a qualified Data Regulation partner, we can help you make sense of new regulations such as the upcoming Data and Data Governance Act and even the AI Act.

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OurData Protection Service

data protection as-a-service

You focus on your business, we take care of the rest. Our DP(O)aaS approach insulates you from Data Privacy and Data Protection risks at a flat fee.

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data protection impact assessments

Using our tried and tested DPIA approach, we perform your DPIAs efficiently but thoroughly. We can assist your organisation in prior consultation and negotiation with the relevant data protection authorities.

data protection assessment

Our assessments give you a holistic picture of where you stand with compliance with GDPR, the Data act and more. Customised to your needs, we deliver a thorough report with a proposed improvements roadmap.

data protection audit

Our compliance team has defined a pragmatic Data Protection audit framework that has been tried and tested across multiple sectors within several organisations. The result is a concrete snapshot of how well you are doing concerning GDPR norms.

How can a Data Protection service benefit you?

Working towards compliance with Data Protection laws is often seen as a necessary investment to avoid hefty fines. While it is true that the amount of fines given out due to GDPR infringements is increasing, it is not the most important motivator for taking on a Data Protection service partner.

The number one reason for ensuring compliance with Data Protection laws such as GDPR should be to protect your business’s reputation towards partners and customers. Today, many companies demand proof of ongoing compliance with Data Protection regulations to do business with you.

One way to provide such proof is by performing a Data Protection audit. If you’re just starting off on your journey towards compliance, our Compliance team can assist you with a Data Protection service adapted to your needs.



A full-service Data Protection partner

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All DTA professionals get a 360° view of the world of Data. That means they might excel in one niche but are also well-versed in other core services such as Data Compliance, Data Management and Data Education.

Our tagline is ‘Making data work for you in a compliant manner’. We’ll help you set up the foundations to reduce regulatory risk, increase the business value of your data and ensure the entire organisation is on the same page.

Besides being a Data Regulation partner, we can also help you with the following:


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